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*The information below forms part of RAM Computer Systems Standard Warranty, for our Terms and Conditions visit our T&C Page.


We provide a Two Year Warranty as standard with all our new RCS system builds.

In the event that you encounter any issues with your PC while it is still under Warranty please make sure we are your first point of contact:

Year one we will replace or repair any faulty part within the new system, provided**:

1. The case has not been opened/warranty sticker removed (without authorisation) and the internal parts have not been removed/adjusted/tampered with in any way - (Should you wish to perform a component upgrade within the warranty period you must contact us by email at Administrator@ramcomputersystems.co.uk before commencing, any fault caused by improper system upgrading/handling will void your warranty. Only original components are covered by warranty)

2. The system is still within its warranty period.

3. The fault is hardware related, not software.

4. The System has not been used in any excessive environment/situation. I.e Conditions which exceed the recommended ambient operating temperatures of the components or the components have been overclocked past their certified operating frequencies - This applies to both BIOS settings and/or any overclocking software used within the Operating System to overclock the CPU/GPU or RAM. (Unless the Overclock was applied by us upon Purchase)

5. The fault is not caused by normal wear and tear.

6. The fault is not caused by deliberate damage.

Note: System BIOS May be Password protected by default, should you wish to access your system BIOS you should contact Support@ramcomputersystems.co.uk to obtain your password -  If you request this password during the warranty period your email will be kept as evidence as it allows the user to overclocking features; including voltage control and component operating frequencies.
 Applying incorrect settings to the System BIOS can cause hardware failure (Incorrect voltage settings, Excessive overclocking Etc)

Should a product be returned to us and it be discovered that the fault is due to incorrect BIOS settings caused by the user your warranty will be withdrawn.

** In the event a Product is to be returned to us, it must be sent back via recorded delivery & MUST be returned in the original packaging (Double boxed) with ALL Installation Disks and Manuals - We will not accept any liability for damage caused in transit due to poor re-packaging of Products as we have no control over the quality of packing by the customer.

Year two of warranty covers the cost of labor only, any replacement parts required are to be paid for by the customer.

Please note, faults relating to software issues are not covered by warranty - However, should you experience any software related issues we may be able to provide some assistance via our support@ramcomputersystems.co.uk email address.

For cost of shipping the product back to us for repair/replacement, we will cover the full cost of shipping within 30 days of delivery, after this period, the customer is required to cover the cost of  the return of the PC to us - A shipping quote will be provided before collection is arranged.

We will cover the cost of shipping the PC back to the customer after repair/replacement is completed.

You may have to wait up to 14 days for your product to be repaired/replaced depending on the fault diagnosed due to stock levels/time of year (e.g holiday season)

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for our 30 day returns policy.

The RCS Two year warranty does not apply to Laptop & Tablet PC's or Accessories - A Standard Manufacturers Warranty is provided for these items.

End Of Warranty Information

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Accepted Methods of Payment

Nochex & PayPal are our current accepted method of payments, they offer secure payment via their encrypted servers for the product/s you have ordered.

Credit Card Charges
Your account/card will be charged when you place your order.
 You will be connected to a secure Encrypted server when making your purchase.

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Linux Ubuntu/Zorin Operating System

Many of our system builds can come with a Linux Ubuntu/Zorin operating system pre installed.

Linux Ubuntu/Zorin are 100% free and open source operating systems

They are capable of performing the same tasks as Microsoft windows, from web browsing, Dvd creation, word processing to gaming & music playback.

Software designed for Microsoft Windows may not be compatible with Linux Ubuntu/Zorin.

Linux Ubuntu/Zorin comes with Open Office software pre installed, this is a spreadsheet and word processing program & is compatible with Microsoft Office files.

For more information on Zorin visit the website: http://zorin-os.com

For more information on Ubuntu visit the website: www.Ubuntu.com.

We will never charge you for Linux Ubuntu/Zorin.

**Please note we are only able to provide limited software support for Linux based operating systems due to them being open source.

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Open Office.org

All our RCS Systems come with Open Office.org, whether it is a Windows Installation or Ubuntu.

 Open Office.org is a spreadsheet and word processing program which is compatible with Microsoft Office files, it is totally free and Open Source.

 We do not charge for any Open Source software.

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Shipping Rates

The standard rate charged for Mainland UK shipping is currently £5, Items will be prepared and Shipped out no later than 10 working days** after payment is received

Delivery to Northern Ireland, The Scottish Highlands & Islands is currently £30 - Shipped out no later than 12 working days** after payment is received.

Delivery to Isle of Man & Jersey is currently £35 - Shipped out no later than 12 working days** after payment is received.**

** Please note, Saturday & Sunday are not classed as working days

All orders are sent via a 48hr recorded delivery service. A signature will be required upon receipt of your goods.
 All orders will be shipped to the Billing Address for security reasons, please do not request and alternative delivery address.

An E-mail will be sent when your item is dispatched.

Before the final checkout page you will be able to select which shipping method you require, you will have a chance to not place your order should you change your mind.

***Should you select the wrong shipping method for your area you will be notified by email and your order will be cancelled + a full refund given.

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Free Gifts/Special Offers/Game Promotions:

RAM Computer Systems (RCS) may offer special deals/vouchers/offers with products, these special offers are subject to change at any time due to stock levels/availability and may be offered as a free gift when purchasing one of our Gaming PC's.

*Free gifts/Games/special offers are only supplied in conjunction with the purchase of a RCS Gaming PC Only, Laptops, Accessories, Tablet PC's and all other products are exempt from free gifts/special offers..

RAM Computer Systems (RCS) reserves the right to withdraw any special offers without prior notice.

Refunds/Transfers or cash exchanges for free gifts/special offers will not be accepted/provided.

RAM Computers Systems (RCS) do not provide any warranty for Free Gifts/special offer items unless otherwise stated.

*Any Free Digital download items provided with a Gaming PC purchase will be sent to the customers registered email address within 7 Days of receipt of delivery of the Gaming PC.
 Should you decide to return the PC to us for a Full refund within the 14 day return period an amount equal to the retail cost of the digital download item will be deducted from the refund amount; our Free items are only Free if you keep your PC.

Any third party logo's/Images are displayed on our site for promotion purposes only, they can be removed immediately upon request.

Should one of our Special Offer items be out of stock when you place an order, you will be contacted via email and offered a list of available alternatives.

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Website & Product Images

All images are for illustration purposes, actual product may vary slightly. (I.e Case fan colour)

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"Ready For/Designed" For Products
RCS Products with the "Ready For" stamp will meet or exceed the minimum recommended system requirements for the Game advertised with the product - Overall performance will depend on the system settings & resolution set by the end user.
RCS Products with the "Designed For" stamp will meet or exceed the recommended system requirements for the Game advertised with the product - Overall performance will depend on the system settings & resolution set by the end user.
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Product Descriptions

Product descriptions & prices are subject to change at any time.

 Because all our RCS PC's are custom built, we may change the product specifications to improve performance and keep up to date with industry standards, prices will also be changed accordingly.

 For details on revisions of products, contact us at enquiries@ramcomputersystems.co.uk stating the purchase date.

Customers will receive the system specification listed at time of purchase, Should a customer purchase a product and then find a revision of that same product has occurred on the website, this does not entitle them to request the same revision to their already purchased version of the product.

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Replacement Components/Out Of Stock Items

In the event of an order being placed and the product then being discovered to be out of stock, we will select a suitable replacement which will be of equivalent or better quality/performance.

The customer will then be notified and given the option to accept the replacement component or return the product for a refund of the purchase price.

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